is our preserved cavehouse Café – Bar


is our preserved cavehouse Café – Bar


‘CAFENEON’ is our preserved cavehouse Café – Bar. This is the beating heart of our ever-evolving culinary experimentation and celebration of the island’s exceptional wine heritage.
At Cafeneon you will savour our highly praised home-made breakfast, enjoy a game of chess or backgammon, comfortably sip a long coffee or just lounge and take in the striking views.

Tickle your palate with a light snack or meet-up for a refreshing drink & cocktails at our Bar from noon until late at night. Spoil yourselves with a Wine Tasting session, a degustation experience or a Cooking Lesson!



At ‘Cafeneon’ you will find an impressive variety of:

  • Tea’s and Herbal infusions,
  • Gourmet varieties of pure chocolate drinks,
  • The finest quality of coffees from around the world in a range of executions,
  • A distinguished range of drink labels at our bar
  • Ingenious cocktails,
  • An impressive wine-list
  • Detoxifying and energizing healthy natural fruit juices,
  • Salads and handpicked vegetable and other traditional dishes
  • Finger-food & light snacks.
  • Refreshing varieties of ice-cream,
  • A large collection of home-made traditional preserves, sweets & other desserts.
  • The hotel’s own handpicked bio products from the Altana farm on the island.

The Bar

‘Cafeneon’ is the ideal space for relaxation, conversation and your spot for exquisite drinks and wine!
Santorini has become increasingly famous for its top quality production of Wine.
An abundant variety of different indigenous grapes and methods connected to a thousand year old wine-making history have now led to an internationally celebrated acknowledgement of one of the ancient vineyards of the world.
Our café – bar will become your ‘wine hub’ on the island.

Wine Tasting

Treat yourselves to our extravagant wine tasting sessions and explore the inspired creations of some of the finest local wine-makers.

Cocktails & Drinks

Enjoy cocktails like never before at the Altana ‘KAFENEION’ Bar, the pool or on your veranda while enjoying the miraculous view. Don’t forget to try our signature cocktails!
Trust our large collection of international, premium & vintage labels of finest Rums, Vodkas, Whiskey and other drinks.
Try special Greek alcoholic beverages and discover the history and flavors of unique distillations.


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