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Altana is a passion project.

Born out of love for the culture and the aesthetics the original structure represented. Restored out of admiration for the heritage of the old mansion. Kept alive, in reverence to the immense wealth of the island’s history. Designed in to reflect everything that is real and authentic about Santorini.

We carefully restored the mansion that houses Altana, collaborating with native craftsmen, using local materials. It’s artifacts – treasures of past centuries – lovingly repaired to revive a home; a private family retreat. And as such, to this day Altana purposely maintains the feel of a private residence.

We devotedly preserved every original architectural rarity, every archway, every terrace, alcove, stairway and corner, every antique and piece of artwork and combined them with the highest quality materials, hand-woven fabrics and modern amenities, transforming a historical structure into a dreamy holiday retreat.

Our deeply personal hospitality philosophy consists of values inherently connected to the wonderful peculiarities of this volcanic islands’ long history, traditions, culture, architecture, nature, agriculture, food and its native people.

Our drive is to immerse our guests into a unique experience of discovery by sharing our passion for Santorini, while providing personally tailored hospitality service.

In appreciation of the Santorinian heritage, we have created a space that exuberates tranquillity and elegant luxury, through sustaining a link to the past and the rediscovery of Cycladic simplicity.

At Altana, nothing distracts from the stillness of the dramatic landscape on the volcanic caldera’s highest point. A place to relax, to rest, to take in the matchless views and to recharge. Read, converse, imbibe the history, breathe, feel and celebrate life in an inimitable atmosphere.

This is a place to escape from what we know; to travel into a new world and to truly embrace the journey. Enjoy the wine, the gastronomy and even local agriculture at the Altana volcanic farm, drawing even closer the connection between Altana, the passion for discovery, natural conservation, eco-friendly travelling, hospitality and the finer things in life.

This is a setting where serenity is palpable and the connection between heritage and modernity is seamless. Where personal care and attention to detail makes all the difference.

By staying true to the roots of Santorinian tradition and infusing it with world class hospitality, we are proud that Altana has been described as ‘an Essentially Greek, Particularly Santorinian and at the same time Truly Cosmopolitan experience’.

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